How to Choose Your Vintage Kantha Throw(s)

One of a kind and hand-stitched by female artisans, Vintage Kantha throws add instant color and goodness to your space.  Simply drape over a sofa, place at the foot of your bed or keep on hand for year round style and comfort.  As a beautifully collectible, original artisan keepsake- it's hard to choose just one. But Kantha Collection makes it easy for you to browse our Vintage Kantha throws to find the one, two, three or more that are just right for you! Our expert photography of each hand-crafted throw allows for the viewing of both sides in one photograph- giving you a hint of what to expect.  And why not photograph the entire throw you ask?  Because discovering a Vintage Kantha  throw - it's one of a kind nature, its original prints and patterns, it's artisan hand stitching, is simply what makes Kantha so wonderful!