The KAN Story


KAN = female empowerment + sustainable fashion at its very best.

Cut and sewn from one-of-a-kind vintage cotton “sari” Kanthas, no two garments will ever be alike.   Not only unique, beautiful and functional, these garments empower women on a global level. 

The Story of Kantha:

Originating in India, Kantha is one of the oldest forms of upcycling.  Its origins can be traced back to the ancient pre-Vedic ages, about 1500 – 500 bc. For centuries, the techniques of Kantha were, and still are, passed down from mother to daughter and it was customary for these women to make use of Kantha's widely used running stitch and embroidery techniques to create quilts for their families.  Though it continued to be practiced amongst rural women throughout the centuries, recognition and admiration of the craft was revived in the 1980s with the assistance of the group Self Help Enterprise (SHE) with the sole intention to empower women and their livelihood through Kantha stitching.  Each and every Kantha used in the making of our KAN garments provide the Indian women who make them a means to support themselves and their families through their own entrepreneurship.  

Perfect Imperfections

Threads, frayed or "fuzzy" edges, patches and outer seams on KAN garments are a part of the nature of the vintage Kantha saris from which the garments are made and add to the eclectic, bohemian style of our brand.