Lovingly hand made by female artisans using a thousands' year old tradition of stiching sarees together to create beautiful, one of a kind throws. Add instant style and color to your space and all year comfort to your surrondings.

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The Story of Kantha

  • Repurposed

    A generations old tradition of stitching two 100% cotton repurposed saris together to form one beautiful throw. Global goodness at its finest.

  • Hand Stitched

    The beautiful eclectic nature of Vintage Kantha throws is achieved with a tell-tale running stitch to bind the saris together.

  • One of a Kind

    No two Vintage Kantha throws are alike and the opening of each and every one is always a beautiful discovery of color and pattern.

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Kantha Furniture

One of a kind handmade and upholstered Kantha furniture make a statement in any room they adorne!

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