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Vintage Kantha Throw

Vintage Kantha Throw

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This beautifully handcrafted Vintage Kantha throw with color stitching will add both style and comfort to your space.  Sized at 58 x 88 inches, it will effortlessly complement any space, whether draped over a sofa or placed at the foot of your bed.

-One of a Kind: Each throw is meticulously hand crafted w/unique vintage prints throughout and a colorful Kantha stitch.
- Pure Comfort: Made from 100% cotton & machine washable for easy care.
-Versatile: Use throughout your space, throughout the year.
-Reversible: Enjoy double the charm with its reversible design.
-Handcrafted Tradition: Lovingly hand-stitched by skilled female artisans in the Kantha tradition.
*This item ships within 14 business days.

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